a gathering of clouds

A gathering of clouds

A few clouds appeared and traveled west

without intention,
free of concepts, future and past,
simply being,
free and flowing,

and then they disappeared

an evening fire

An evening fire

 The fire flickered and flamed
until only embers glowed,

 composed for a while and then left to be
like an Italian hilltop village
slowly going to sleep



The jacarandas were in full bloom
here and there
throughout the town

Calm and content,
and free of concepts,
they grew

pause the story

Pause the story

Trains of thought began to slow down
and then finally came to a halt
in the stillness

As the passengers got off
gusts of wind blew their identities away,
leaving them in the space between thoughts

With nowhere to go
and nothing to do
except be,
they rested in the moment