element of chance

Element of Chance

shall we have a game?
asked Joy

if we can add
an element of chance,
a few additional pieces and rules

Tell me more

Before taking a turn,
a player must roll a six-sided die
that has two green, two blue and two purple sides


The player then chooses a wooden tile from a cloth bag
On each tile is written the name
of one of the sixty-four squares on the chess board,
for example B5
On the chosen square the player then places
either the green, the blue or the purple triangle,
depending on the roll of the die
If the square is already occupied,
the triangle is placed under the chess piece

What can these triangles do?
asked Joy

They have special powers

Shantanu then took out the bag of tiles,
the die
and three wooden triangles

The green triangle allows
the piece under which it is located
to move twice,
but the player is not required
to move that piece
nor is the player required
to move it twice
If the player wishes
to move the piece twice
and moves it to the square with the blue triangle
on the way to its final destination,
then either the second move option is forfeited
or the blue triangle will not effect the piece
I think both options are nice,
and the players can choose which rule applies
before the game begins


The blue triangle prevents the piece it is under
from moving at all

Like a magnet

The purple triangle requires the piece it is under to be moved
If that piece cannot be moved,
then the nearest piece must be moved
If two or more pieces are equally distant
from the piece under which the triangle is located,
then the player may choose
which one to move

I really like the purple triangle

Each triangle stays where it is
and remains in effect on that square
until its color is again chosen by the roll of the die
and it is moved to another square

Those are some pretty cool rules, bro

When two triangles occupy the same square,
the one that most recently arrived
is placed on top of the other and goes into effect
The one on the bottom remains inactive
until either it
or the triangle on top
is moved


If a player has a green triangle under one of his pieces
and a purple one under another,
he must move the piece that is on the purple one

Right on
Let’s play

And so the men set up the chessboard,
and then they played
Element of Chance

♫ ♫ ♫

These additional rules
are destroying my strategy

 They level the field

Joy looked at the board
and realized that for the first time in ages
he would have to lay his king down

♫ ♫ ♫