the bridge to nothingness

The bridge to nothingness

A bridge of brick and stone
and love
had just been built
to cross to the other side

The bridge to nothingness
narrowed the gap
between here
and there,
and nothingness,
and led to the space
I am



The afternoon was late
and evening had not quite arrived,
and from behind wheelbarrows piled high
with freshly-cut grass
Lakshmi and Nilama pushed
towards the water buffalo who were gathered
near the stable

♫ ♫ ♫

Nasrudin, Kali and Swaha
looked silently on
with their large black eyes
as the women brought them their meal
and drops of water fell
from their river-soaked hair

A troupe of monkeys sat to the east
among the stones and boulders,
waiting until the road was clear
and they could cross unnoticed
to the freshly-planted peanuts on the other side

And while hundreds of crickets and toads
waited patiently
for right moment to sing,
the ducks and the geese came home

♫ ♫ ♫