Piedras son maestras
Viven vidas tranquilas
Nunce se quejan
No les importan si llueve o hace calor
No tienen prisa
ni tienen que irse a ningún lugar
Viven contentas
Pensamientos no les molestan
Viven sin drama
Tienen paciencia y compasión infinita
Son libres
de conceptos e identidades
Nos enseñan como ser:
Simplemente ser!


Stones are masters
They live quiet lives
They never complain
They don’t care if it rains or is hot
They are not in a hurry
and they don’t have to go anywhere
They live contented lives
Thoughts don’t bother them
They live without drama
They have infinite patience and compassion
They are free
of concepts and identities
They teach us how to be:
just be!