have you smelled the flowers?

Have you smelled the flowers?


Good afternoon

Do you have a room for the night?

I do

And how much would it be?

Thirteen pounds of pumpkin seeds,
organic only,
or five gallons of coconut oil,
cold pressed,
per month

I only need the room for one night

You’re welcome to stay
for just one night,
but we only offer a monthly rate
Rather than rush
from place to place,
it is much nicer to stay put
for a while

That sounds nice,
but I’m kind of in a hurry
to see as much as I can
before I go home

Have you smelled the flowers?

Which ones?

All of them
You never know
if or when
a flower will give off a scent
often you know,
if you are familiar with their routine,
but sometimes you meet a new flower,
and it’s always nice to check in with old friends
every now and then
to see what they’re up to

Which ones around here
are especially fragrant?

At the moment the jasmine tree
and the yellow trumpet bush over there

♫ ♫ ♫

They smell great
How much longer will they be in bloom?

About a month

What else is there to do around here
besides smell the flowers?

Listen to birds sing,
watch rainbows,
make music,
Best of all is to be quiet
and do nothing for a while

I don’t have any pumpkin seeds
or coconut oil

What can you offer?

I’ve got three kilos of walnuts from Oregon
and thirty grams of Himachali charas,
and I play the violin

Here’s the key to bungalow seven
There’s a communal kitchen behind the banana grove,
we make an evening fire at around seven near the coconut trees
and you are welcome to play anything you find in the music room
Just follow the path
until you get to a big tamarind tree
Your room is the one beside it

Thank you

And so the traveler wound her way
past beautiful flowers and trees full of fruit
until she arrived
at her new home

♫ ♫ ♫