a japanese party

A Japanese party

 At one of the Japanese settlements
a few friends had gathered
for an evening of song and dance,
food and drink
and conversation

 From a distance
it was impossible to tell
that something there was going on
The stars, the moon, and a few candles
illuminated the meadow
and the stream nearby

 Musicans played their instruments
or sang
just loudly enough to be heard;
some people drank hot sake,
and some had it cold;
and those who smoked
smoked the finest quality charas or ganja
one could buy

 In low tones people conversed
listening to others
complete their sentences,
and then allowing
a moment of silence
before adding some words of their own

 ♫ ♫ ♫

Would you like some tea?

I would love some tea

 A gentle girl
poured some tea
into a cup
and offered it to Kalimbaba

It’s delicious
Thank you

 He drank his tea
enjoying each sip,
and when he had finished,
he took out his kalimba
and began to play
and flow
with the others

♫ ♫ ♫