the forest dwellers

The forest dwellers

It was autumn again
and Andrei set off
for a walk in the forest
to gather magic mushrooms
He knew the forest well,
and it had been his friend for years

♫ ♫ ♫

When by nightfall he had not returned home,
his friends began to worry,
for every year a number of people went into the forest
and never came out again

He’s been taken by the forest,
said some

Perhaps he was eaten by a bear,
said others

The next morning they searched the forest,
from dawn until dusk,
in vain
They found only some shiitake mushrooms,
which they took home and ate

♫ ♫ ♫

Welcome, Andrei,
said one of the forest dwellers

Thank you

Your friends think you got lost,
but we know the truth
Now that you are here

you can never go back
to the way you were

Yes, Mushrooms just enlightened me
Now I know what is real
and what is not

Some of us came here
to the forest
to get away from others,
some in search of a different way
of life,
and some were just out for a walk,
perhaps in search of Mushrooms
And like you,
all of us ate Mushrooms
and decided to stay
in this space
We are vibrating at such a high level
that those who come looking for us
cannot see us
unless we choose to show ourselves

I see

And so Andrei became one of the forest dwellers,
became one with them
and with the forest

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