The train had already left the station
by the time the rider arrived

 He could see it off in the distance
and decided that it might be possible to reach it
before it got to the tunnel

 Where the train crossed a road,
a line of cars waited,
and the rider and his horse jumped over them

 When they got to a stream,
the train crossed over a bridge
and they leaped to the other side

 The rider urged his horse on,
and slowly they drew
closer and closer

 Some of the passengers on the train
had noticed that they were being followed,
and among them was a young woman
who knew the rider
and his horse

 The mountain loomed ahead
and the rider asked his horse
for just a little more

 Soon they were riding
alongside the train,
and the rider held out a scroll to the woman,
who took it and read,

 The mountain is high
and will keep us apart
if you pass to the other side

ride with me
before it’s too late

 The woman’s heart began to race
and she realized
that she had to get off the train

 Leaving everything behind,
she ran to the end of the wagon,
opened the door
and hopped on the horse

She then held the man tightly
as they veered away from the mountain
and rode towards the setting sun

 ♫ ♫ ♫