the realm of flowers

The realm of flowers

Flower Man had just cast the last
of his cosmos seeds
along the road that led to town,
so he began to walk to a village nearby,
where some flowers had gone to seed,
to get some more

♫ ♫ ♫

Over the years
his ever-expanding realm of flowers
had grown to the point
where every known color was represented
in and between all the villages
for miles around

And nearly every type of flower
that could flourish in a tropical environment
could be found there

Some seeds would arrive with the wind,
from near or afar,
drifting to the ground,
their feather-like hair slowing the fall

Others were dropped by birds
or carried by insects
or brought by the tread of a shoe

And some were sown
by Flower Man
or one of his friends

On their walks they would collect seeds
from flowering plants and trees,
and they saw to it that it bloomed year round,
giving love and water to plants in need

To the realm of flowers butterflies came
to drink nectar
and then dance in the air,
and most of the women,
and some of the men,
wore a flower
in their hair

The villagers thought of their flowers as gurus
They listened quietly to their teachings
and then bloomed or wilted with joy

♫ ♫ ♫