comfortable silence

Comfortable silence

 The quiet four had been sitting
in silence around the fire,
by thoughts and words,
for several hours

 The moon traveled slowly
across the night,
crickets and frogs sang,
owls hooted and dogs howled
and the leopard walked quietly around,
waiting for a chance to grab
something to eat


The fire was kept low,
and now and then it would be fed
another log

 Flames lept and flowed,
embers glowed
and wood slowly turned into ash

 The stars and the planets
flew quietly by,
and one by one
the fire watchers rose
and made their way through the dark
and to their beds
until just one was left
at the fire’s side,
keeping it company
a little while longer


And when the moon was halfway
to the other side,
he too got up
and returned to his hut


the chocolate way

The chocolate way

 The evening meal had ended
and everyone was sitting in silence
when the chocolate guru returned to the dinning hall
with a tray full of chocolate

It’s really good

 Josef Zotter
Walnut marzipan

 Thank you, Peter
It’s delicious

 Just what we needed

 Lindt is good,
and Maestrani is excellent,
but this Austrian chocolate is sublime

 Karl Fazer makes some pretty good chocolate too
His blueberry chocolate is my favorite

Finnish chocolate is great

 They say that many of the enlightened masters
are fond of sweets

 Maybe eating more chocolate
would result in enlightenment


 Maybe we should eat more chocolate

 I think it’s the other way around
The more aware you become,
the more chocolate you eat

 The chocolate guru then went back to his chocolate celler,
made his way through a maze of shelf-lined passages
until he got to the room
where he kept his finest chocolate,
and then
with another tray in hand
he returned to his guests
and offered them some more

 Finnish blueberry!



 It’s really good, Peter

 The chocolate guru and his guests then ate
chocolate prasad
and practiced the chocolate way
in silence
for a while




 Upon finally realizing
that the overuse of cars and motorbikes
was killing the planet,
people began to look for other ways
to get around

 Most began to ride bicyles
and to walk again,
and some decided to stop moving around so much
and to sit quietly and observe instead

 ♫ ♫ ♫

 One day a djembe player from Mali
found a way to ride
through the air on his djembe
on a wave of sound

 He also discovered
that most of the rhythms he knew
fell into three catagories:
rhythms to ascend,
rhythms to descend
and rhythms to fly level
He played variations
in order to turn left or right,
and of course the faster he played,
the faster he traveled through the air

 ♫ ♫ ♫

 Within months
almost everyone on the planet
was riding a djembe around town,
across a desert,
through a forest,
among some mountains
or over a sea

 ♫ ♫ ♫

 Some djembes were big enough for two
and djembe taxis began to appear,
each with a big strong djembefola powering his ride

 And it was not uncommon to see a woman in a dress
riding sidesaddle through the air
while her friend or lover drummed

 ♫ ♫ ♫

 The air is much cleaner now

it’s great being able to breathe clean air again
And I’d much rather listen to drumming
than to horn honking

 Me too
And it’s good that everyone who wants to fly a djembe
first has to take drumming lessons,
so that we don’t have to listen to bad drumming

bad drumming sucks

 A fresh coconut would be nice

let’s go to the coconut grove

 Shall we walk or drum?

 Let’s drum

 The two friends then holstered their machetes,
got on their djembes
and rode off in the direction of the coconut palms,
leaving a trail of rhythms behind

 ♫ ♫ ♫

the edge of nothingness

The edge of nothingness

 All of the others
had gone to bed
and the quiet four remained,
sitting in silence
around the evening fire


 The fire burned
all thoughts away,
and there was nothing left
but flowing space


 Now and then
a word or two was whispered,
a laugh was shared,
a gentle song was played or sung,
but for the most part stillness reigned
because there was little worth saying
that was more beautiful
or essential
than the stillness found
on the edge of nothingness