the last of his tribe

The last of his tribe 

Bhairava Maharaj appeared
to be the last of his tribe
or one of the remaining few

Not many of the foreigner babas
from the early days
were still around,
and none of the others
had been seen lately 

One morning Dom Baba and Om Baba
decided to pay
the maharaja a visit

Namaste, Maharaj

Hare om 

We bring you mangoes
and song 

Let’s smoke 

And then the maharaja
loaded his chillum,
one of the biggest chillums
the babas had ever seen 

Nice chillum 

Beautiful carvings 

was a good year for chillums 

When the chillum was ready,
the maharaja offered it to Dom Baba to boom,
and then the three babas passed it around 

♫ ♫ ♫ 

And when the chillum was finished
and had been cleaned,
the maharaja prepared another
and then another one after that
He prepared chillum after chillum
and the three babas smoked,
pausing only now and then to make music,
until it was time for bed

 ♫ ♫ ♫