sermon on the couch

Sermon on the couch

Chai was served
and a Shiva beedi went round and round,
and then Ananda began to speak

There’s no need to go
from guru to guru,
just go inside

Don’t be spiritual,
be natural

Be quiet and observe

Be simple, humble, loving and joyful

Put yourself in the story,
play your role in the scene
Don’t try to get acknowledged
Don’t create false duality,
get out of the scene

Abdicate the mind,
go beyond the story

Don’t try to be somebody,
be nobody

No need to dress differently,
blend in

Skip the sadhu trip,
an ashram is only slightly better than a police station

Don’t run to catch a train

All is good

And these are just groups of words

You understand

♫ ♫ ♫