She’s a barkaholic, man

And telling her to be quiet hasn’t worked

 Neither has throwing a shoe in her direction

 Shock therapy didn’t work either
One night I threw a bucket full of cold water on her,
but it didn’t help
She kept on barking into the night

 I think she has a learning disability

She’s super friendly,
but she’s also kind of stupid

 This morning I tried talking quietly with her
I told her that if she didn’t stop barking all the time,
Peter would take her to Gangawati
and leave her there

like he did with Rani two years ago

 Rani was a good dog

 She was a great dog,
but she kept destroying Peter’s mosquito net every night
in order to get into his bed

 All beings here are given a chance,
and she’s had more than a year to mellow out,
but even the other dogs seem to be
a bit tired of her barking

they’re like,
Hey, shut up
It’s just one of the dogs from the village
We know him
It’s okay

 The leopard made the right decision
when he attacked her a few weeks ago

The leopard’s not in the habit of making mistakes
He chose well,
but she got away

It’s too bad she managed to escape

 Maybe iboga could cure her addiction
It worked for my father
He was an alcoholic,
and he stopped drinking after taking iboga

 Iboga is a strong medicine,
but I’m not sure it works on dogs

 It might

it might

 Let’s see if we can get some


 It’s almost chai time

 Let’s go

And so the two friends walked over
to where the purple flower vine
was dropping its flowers
and had a cup of tea

 ♫ ♫ ♫