A gathering of tumbleweeds roamed the land,
leaving seed here and there,
pausing now and then,
making no decisions
and going
wherever the wind took them

Detached from their former identities,
empty of thoughts, opinions and mind,
they were free
to simply be



Autumn had arrived
with cooler weather,
and passion fruit had begun to fall

Coffee beans were ripening
while butterflies made their rounds

Birds sang lullawakes
and crickets lullabies
while flowers silently wilted and bloomed

welcome back

Welcome back

The composition of plants and colors
was different every time

Familiar trees and flowers
greeted the one who had returned

Cicadas and crow pheasants sang throughout the day,
and crickets and toads took over at night,

and the neighborhoods cats and dogs came by,

all to say,
Welcome back, friend

a gathering of clouds

A gathering of clouds

A few clouds appeared and traveled west

without intention,
free of concepts, future and past,
simply being,
free and flowing,

and then they disappeared

an evening fire

An evening fire

 The fire flickered and flamed
until only embers glowed,

 composed for a while and then left to be
like an Italian hilltop village
slowly going to sleep