summon your song

Summon your song

 The men had been drumming for a while
when the woman began to sing,
quietly at first
and then with tremendous passion

 ♫ ♫ ♫

 She sang well last night

 Very well

 The drumming helped
to free her voice

Drums are good
at getting people to overcome their fears
and begin to sing and dance

 The way Navila danced to the kalimba
was beautiful

 She was amazing

 She flowed


 A friend once told me
that she doesn’t trust
people who don’t dance

 I don’t either

 Divinity is sometimes revealed
through singing and dancing


 At the fire a few nights ago,
Murti said that the kalimba made his heart tremble,
and since then he’s been full of joy
and he smiles all the time

 It helped to open his heart

the kalimba is good
at opening hearts

 The purple flowers have begun to fall

 It must be time for chai

 I’ll get my drums and kalimba

 I’ll get my guitar and harmonica

 The two friends then went
to get their instruments,
and then they began to play
and to open hearts
while the others drank their chai

 ♫ ♫ ♫