bed head

Bed head

this bottle is on me

What’s the occasion?

My new book has come out

Cool, man
What’s it about?

It’s called
Somewhere Between Almost Combed
And Pure Bed head

 Right on

It’s about finding the right balance,
the right edge
on which to live
I met a semi-wild girl
living on the edge
of a jungle,
and the book is about
her way of being


She has a stable connection with reality,
she doesn’t create any drama,
she lives in harmony with nature
and every night she sings
a subaudible song
in the jungle

Is that sort of like infrasound?

It is
Most people can’t hear her sing,
but some animals can,
and whether one hears her or not,
the effect remains the same
It’s the power of intention that matters

What’s her intention?

It depends on the song
Usually she sings
to promote compassion
and love

That’s cool
Are you going to sing tonight?

 Maybe a bit later

And so Scott and his friends
enjoyed their whiskey
while Will Oldham
finished his set

♫ ♫ ♫

Hey, Sott

Hey, Will

Those were some pretty nice songs

Thanks, brother
Glad you could make it
Devendra’s not here yet
You feel like playing for a bit?

Sure, man

I’ll introduce you
this is Scott
His songs will take you on a journey
to a place from which you will never return
to the way you were

Dude, you’re too kind

And then Scott took out his guitar
walked on the stage
and played a song about breaking free
from the paradigm
of having to pay money
just to be

♫ ♫ ♫

Great song, man

Thank you, sister

Only humans are so greedy
as to try and control
all the land
and make others pay
to use it

some people can be pretty lame

paying rent sucks


I’m 彩虹

My name’s Scott
I’m going to play another song now


Ladies and gentleman,
this next song is about
living the dream
in the absence of sincerity
among the mendacious businessmen and politicians
who keep trying to exploit
the rest of us

And then Scott played and sang
with power
and conviction

♫ ♫ ♫

That one was pretty good too

Thank you, Rainbow

You understand Mandarin!

I do

Can you play a subtle song?

I think I can do that
I’ll play one more
and then Devendra will come up
and play some of his

And then Scott sang and played
a song of love
in Mandarin

♫ ♫ ♫

Hey, Scott

Hey, Devendra

Your songs are original and real
People quiet down and listen
to what you have to say
Thank you for sharing

Those are mighty kind words

Let’s have tea tomorrow afternoon
There’s someone I’d like you to meet:
A record producer
who I think would be interested
in recording you

Dude, that’d be awesome
Thank you, brother

Devendra then took the stage
and Scott sat down
at Rainbow’s table

What’ll you have, Scott?

I’m drinking whiskey tonight

Me too

And so Scott and Rainbow
had a bit to drink
and talked a bit more
while Devendra sang
about a sight to behold

♫ ♫ ♫

Where do you live, Scott?

I’m living a peripatetic lifestyle
at the moment
and have only an abstract address

No problem
We can go to my place
if you like

I’ll say goodnight
to my friends

And so Scott had a drink for the road
with his friends,
and then he and Rainbow
took off