Morning, Indica

Morning, Sativa

Another beautiful day in Himachal

A wonderful place to be
a cannabis plant

Except for when those DEA people come
and try to kill us

I hate it when that happens

This our home, man

we’ve been here like since forever

We’re the real natives here

who do they think they are
coming here and uprooting us from our home

And killing us

They ought to be put on trial
for ganjacide

and discrimination too

At least we don’t live in a house

Or in Idaho

Yeah, man
Some of my relatives were killed there last month

I hear Hawaii is nice

Jamaica too

I’d love to go to Jamaica

Me too
We could grow all year

Back when I was a seed
one of my friends got stuck in a shoe
and traveled to Qatar,
but some cops at the airport found him
and killed him

That sucks


Do you ever see your parents?

My mom turned into a nice shirt

Mine too
I saw her last week

And my dad became a bag

My dad died when he was young


No, a cow got him

Cows can be dangerous

I almost got trampled on the other day

I have relatives in California
and they live on an organic farm

I have relatives in Uruguay
As long they don’t congregate
in groups larger than six
they are allowed to be

They can live there legally?



Mujica is cool

The coolest president in the world

A model for others


We have thirty-six ayurvedic properties

We’re healers

And yet people treat us like Hitler treated the Jews

They spray poison on us

Or uproot us

They kick us out of our homes

And take away our land

They make us live in ghettos

Himachal is a pretty nice ghetto, dude

we’re pretty lucky

India is not so bad
The people here pretty much leave us alone

it’s mostly those annoying DEA agents
that try to harm us

Maybe we should move to Uruguay
We’d be safe there

I think they have a lot of cows there, dude

I’d rather be eaten by a cow
than uprooted by the DEA

It might be hard for us to move

Our children could go

If they get stuck in a shoe

A shoe that’s going to Uruguay