turned off

Turned off

 The concert last was wonderful
without telephones and cameras in attendance
It was so nice
not having to hear
annoying clicks and beeps during the performance

and it was great not having to put up with
people taking videos
and blocking the view of others
and being generally annoying
rather than sitting quietly and enjoying the music

 Having a camera and phone detector
at the entrance to the concert hall
and providing soundproof lockers
to keep annoying objects in
was an excellent idea

It is finally again possible
to listen to music that musicians have composed
without unwelcome additions from the audience

It would be great if cinemas also had phone detectors
and soundproof lockers for mobile phones

 It would be wonderful if there were a cinema like that
that also showed good films

most of the new films kind of suck

they’re really disappointing,
and the camerman often pans the camera so quickly
that it is impossible to fully appreciate a scene

 Aki Kaurismäki makes good films

his films are great
They slowly show
a non-dramatic way of being

 An absence of drama
suits me well

 Me too

 And it’s really nice
that mobile phones are prohibited here on the farm

It’s great not having to listen to horrible ringtones
all day long

 And to one half
of many conversations


 Some people talk really loudly
when they’re on the phone
For some reason they think it’s necessary
They don’t realize that the microphone is quite sensitive

 Some people talk really loudly
all the time


 The Japanese are pretty quiet

the Japanese are great
Sometimes you can barely hear them

 They’re comfortable with silence

 Very comfortable

 Silence is sublime

 Silence is medicine

 Let’s enjoy some silence

 And so the two friends fell silent
and observed some butterflies
for a while