may your cookie jar never be empty

May your cookie jar never be empty

What do you put in your cookies
that makes them so delicious? 

and just the right balance
of a few other ingredients 

Yes, ever since I began to eat
one of your cookies every day,
I have felt well balanced
and full of love

You feel that you are full of love
but in fact you are love
There is no difference
between you and a cookie
Both are just expressions of love 

Yes, sometimes that is how I feel,
but then the feeling goes away 

Don’t limit your idea
of what you are
to your body
Remember that you are love
and nothing more 

I’ll try 

No need to try
Just be
It is enough to realize
your true nature 

May I have a few more cookies?
I’d like to share them
with others 

I have an unlimited supply
of cookies
Take as many as you like
to share
with other aspects of yourself
You are love
All is love
Be love
And may your cookie jar never be empty