coming home

Coming Home

Looking for a home,
village to village,
drumming, dancing, and dreaming with the villagers,
Cedric travelled

And after having visited many, many villages,
Cedric came to a village
called Here and Now

And it was there that he was invited to stay

As he approached the village,
walking as usual,
Cedric sensed something special

Trees grew everywhere
And every kind of tree:
trees from Africa,
trees from Asia,
trees from California

And the trees told him their stories
as he drew closer to the village
They told him what they felt,
what they wished for
And they told him that each one of them
hoped to one day
become a drum

So Cedric paused on the road
and took out his drum
and played a song for the trees
And the trees danced in the wind,
and the birds sang a song of welcome

♫ ♫ ♫

And the villagers heard Cedric’s song
and they came out to greet him
They brought flowers and incense,
and they invited him
to enter their village

All through the day and into the night
they sang and danced,
ate and drank,
and told stories

♫ ♫ ♫

And by the end of night,
as the moon gave space to the sun,
the villagers had offered Cedric a home with them,
and Cedric had decided to stay

Together they drank the sacred honey
from the sacred cup,
sang the sacred songs
and played the sacred drums

And in the days that followed
they built him a home,
made of trees and stone,
and filled it with music and love

Dreams became real
and one night a girl with a kalimba
came to Cedric in his dreams
and played for him her song

♫ ♫ ♫

And in the morning
when he walking in the forest,
Cedric met the girl with the kalimba
She played him her song and then he played her his
And then the sky filled with rainbows
and together they returned
to their home